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MMT 2020 Return: 38.63%
Buy & Hold: 6.38%
MMT 2019 Return: 35.76%
Buy & Hold: 25.45%
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Mechanical Market Timing Track Record

YTD Results as of July 31, 2020 - We are having an excellent year! Our members have profited +38.63% (YTD Average) (+34.89% SPY, +31.34% DIA, and +49.67% QQQ). The buy and hold strategy is up +6.38% (yearly total average for DIA, SPY, and QQQ). Our current signal is up +5.30%. We are currently beating the market by +32.25% YTD.

Members: Volatily is up, and the direction over the coming weeks is widely uncertain. Don't miss out on another possible drop and congratulations to those who got in on the last one! We have been in a bull market for 11 years now, and we can expect a large retracement as historically has been the case in similar situations. Major global issues with unemployment, small business challenges, and supply line concerns are also being reflected in the market. However, at MMT, we do not try to predict the trends, but simply react to them as they happen.

An Example of Our Methodology based on the
"Actual Trading History of QQQ in Year 2016"

QQQ Signal Chart

The chart above shows our trading history for the ETF "QQQ". Red circles indicate the price & time we went to short sell positions. Green circles show the price & time for long positions. The green lines indicate profitable trades. The shorter red lines indicate nonprofitable trades. Notice how the system 'always' produces profitable gains for trending markets (i.e., trading either up or down). For lateral markets (i.e., nontrending with no clear direction), the system has small negative losses. Losing signals are part of any timing strategy. The key is minimizing large losses or drawdowns. Our system is designed to capture the large trending moves of the market, which will generate a larger return than the sum of all smaller losses. Our methodology for Year 2016 returned +31.43% for all QQQ trades, whereas the buy-and-hold produced +5.92%.

Overall Performance: From 2005 to 2018, we have outperformed the stock market 12 of 14 years. If you notice on the table, we never had a losing year. Our average return per year is +22.7% DIA, +21.2% SPY, and +26.8% QQQ, for an average of +23.6%, whereas the buy-and-hold is +9.5% DIA, +8.9% SPY, and +14.3% QQQ with an average of +10.9%. Overall, we are outperforming the stock market by +12.7% per year.

Yearly table Results are based on a "fixed" amount of capital (meaning they are non-compounded).

Individual trades for previous years can be found here: Download in PDF format. The main fact to observe from the table is that we are consistently beating the buy-and-hold strategy of the market.

The main fact to observe from the table is that we are consistently beating the buy-and-hold strategy of the market.

If your current trading style has not matched our performance over the last several years,
we encourage you to join now and prosper from our valuable service!

"Timing is everything." - Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work