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MMT 2023 Return: +12.66%
MMT 2022 Return: +20.67%
MMT 2021 Return: +12.56%
MMT 2020 Return: +42.30%

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Protect and grow your capital in bull and bear markets.

Trading signals for SPY, DIA, and QQQ (~2 trades/mo) is a pure mechanical impulse system for trading the most popular Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which are DIA, SPY, and QQQ. We have become a leading financial service for investors and traders who want to take advantage of our highly effective algorithm, in both bullish and bearish markets. Our system is a purely quantitative technical approach to market timing that does not involve interpretation. The system does not predict or forecast market movement. Our approach is based on reacting to price action.

Our system uses a combination of 'trend following' and 'momentum' to identify tradeable impulses. Trend followers use what we call 'reactive technical analysis'. Instead of trying to predict the market's direction, our approach is geared to react to the markets movements as soon as possible after they occur. Hence, we seek to respond to the market, not anticipate it. Our focus is therefore on identifying any trend/momentum reversal at a relatively early stage and to ride the new trend until the weight of evidence shows or proves that it has reversed. This is further explained in our methodology.

As a member you will know when to Buy Long and when to Sell Short with the trading signals generated for DIA, SPY, and QQQ based on our time-proven proprietary algorithms for any market condition (bullish or bearish). There is no better way to protect your capital when the market crashes!

Results as of April 19, 2024 - We are having an excellent year! So far our members have profited +22.19% (2024 YTD Average) (+23.24% SPY, +19.11% DIA, and +24.21% QQQ). The buy and hold strategy is up +14.68% (yearly total average for DIA, SPY, and QQQ). Our current signal is up +4.41%. We are currently beating the market by +7.51% YTD.

Note: We calculate our YTD from the first signal to close in 2024. You can see the individual trades in our trading history PDF.

Overall Performance - From 2005 to 2023, we have outperformed the stock market 16 of 18 years. If you notice on the table, we never had a losing year. Our average return per year is +23.49% DIA, +23.20% SPY, and +29.92% QQQ, for an average of +25.54%, whereas the buy-and-hold is +8.16% DIA, +8.64% SPY, and +14.03% QQQ with an average of +10.28%. Overall, we are outperforming the stock market by +15.26% per year since 2005. When you consider compounding returns, this is a significant difference.

SPDR DJ Industrial Average ETF

SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF

PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF

An Example of Our Methodology based on the
"Actual Trading History of QQQ in Year 2016"

The chart above shows our trading history for the ETF "QQQ". Red circles indicate the price & time we went to short sell positions. Green circles show the price & time for long positions. The green lines indicate profitable trades. The shorter red lines indicate nonprofitable trades. Notice how the system 'always' produces profitable gains for trending markets (i.e., trading either up or down). For lateral markets (i.e., nontrending with no clear direction), the system has small negative losses, but never any significant drawdowns. Losing signals are part of any timing strategy, but the key is minimizing large losses. Our system is designed to capture the large trending moves of the market, which will generate a larger return than the sum of all smaller losses. Our methodology for 2016 returned +31.43% for all QQQ trades, whereas the buy-and-hold produced +5.92%.

The main fact to observe from the table is that we are consistently beating the buy-and-hold strategy of the market. If your current trading style is not making these returns, we encourage you to join now and become part of our growing number of happy investors who are prospering from our valuable service!

Results are based on a "fixed" amount of capital (meaning they are non-compounded).

We invite you to review the track record, performance charts, and trading statistics
of the system.

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"Timing is everything." - Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work